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ETG has developed into a global player with a diverse portfolio of expertise across multiple industries, encompassing Agricultural inputs, logistics, merchandising and processing, supply chain optimization, digital transformation and energy.

Our passion lies in the upliftment of farming communities; an unhindered commitment since establishment. Our promoters identified three challenges that supply chains in Africa faced and created a globalized business model around solutions addressing these obstacles.

The first challenge identified was how to connect Small holder farmers with International Markets. In the early 80’s, the group started introducing small hubs and shops throughout rural areas. Local produce was bought in cash at farm-gate and stored at strategically located facilities. This reduced the farmers’ risk of having stock past expiration and allowed the group to build stock positions for distribution to various markets. The initiative increased farmers’ confidence in the group and progressed to a network of millions of small holder farmers across Africa.

A second and daunting challenge was how to introduce mechanization and processing capability to the continent. Approximately 95 % of Agriculture products were exported in raw format to international markets. The economic benefit of processing locally is vast – it creates job prosperity, socio-economic stability, value chain enhancement and developmental impact. To capture this opportunity, ETG invested in creating a network of warehouses and logistical capacities. Processing plants have since been erected across the globe, adding value to numerous agricultural commodities, including Sesame Seeds, Pulses and Cashew Nuts. With the introduction of processing facilities and logistics infrastructure, the continents post-harvest losses were reduced from 48% in the 1980’s to 32 % in 2018.

Technology knowledge and know-how of markets in Africa remain a concern. Limited resources are available to teach best practice techniques to farmers. With the assistance of ETG Farmer Foundation and our group of dedicated agronomists, ETG embarked on a journey to increase knowledge around quality inputs, application of inputs, irrigation, post-harvest techniques, yield enhancing techniques and best practices, to name a few. This initiative is also focused on youth development to address unemployment on the continent and to build a strong entrepreneurial foundation. Our women empowerment projects are testament to the dedication we have to build a fair and equitable future for all.

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